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Donald Trump has denounced David Duke repeatedly. We dont want his support, and we dont want the support of people who think that. Also Read: Are Hitler-Trump Comparisons Fair? A Holocaust Survivor Tells His Son Pressed on whether he would simply call Duke a deplorable person, Pence, again, played coy. Im not in name-calling business, Wolf, he said. You know me better than that. What Hillary Clinton did Friday night was shocking. I mean the millions of people who support Donald Trump after not a basket of anything. They are Americans and they deserve the respect of the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. For her to rattle off a litany of pejoratives is just really shocking. Pence did not, however, take issue with Trumps litany of pejoratives, like calling Mexicans rapists, proposing a ban on Muslims entering the country or calling his rival Crooked Hillary. Also Read: David Duke, Roger Stone Turn Clinton's 'Deplorables' Comment Into 'Expendables' Memes (Photos) Clinton has been under fire recently for saying thathalf of Trumps supporters fit into a basket of deplorables. To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables, Clintontold a crowd doing a New York City คาสิโน fundraiser on Friday. Right?

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Instead, it's highlighting how much gambling has become a way of life in this Bible Belt state and testing how much more voters are willing to accept. The campaign messages for and against the proposed constitutional amendment allowing casinos in Boone, Miller and Washington counties acknowledge that gambling isn't going away from Arkansas. The state already has a lottery that raises money for college scholarships, electronic gambling at its two racetracks and charitable bingo at various locations. Instead, the campaign and a bid to disqualify the measure from the ballot are focusing on where the line should be drawn and, if it moves, what restrictions are needed. The group campaigning for the amendment isn't avoiding the mention of casinos or gambling, but its first television ad focuses on the measure more as a way to boost tourism, attract jobs and keep tax revenue in Arkansas. The 30-second spot opens with images of people at a park and a campground, later showing shots of a roulette wheel, people playing a slot machine and poker chips. "Home is where the heart is, and Arkansas is our home," a narrator says in the ad, which supporters of the casino measure began airing statewide this month. Opponents of the measure, however, say that message is obscuring a proposal to effectively crate a monopoly through the state's constitution. If approved by voters, the casinos would be operated by three companies owned by supporters of the measure. Those companies could also transfer their licenses to anyone they choose under the proposed amendment.

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Tax breaks that for the most part benefit big business interests mean we wont have the flexibility to put the people of Florida first. The dueling positions suggested a possible return to the budget fights the played out in the Capitol after the financial downturn in 2008. Republicans leaned heavily on spending cuts while Democrats called for measures that would increase revenue. The GOP at the time agreed to increase tobacco taxes and motor-vehicle registration fees, which have since been rolled back, but avoided broad-based tax increases. There are conclusions in the new long-range financial outlook that could change the potential shortfalls, in some cases dramatically. For example, the outlook assumes some increases in spending on areas like education and health care, projecting those areas to be handled the same as they have been in recent budget years. The report includes a three-year average of tax cuts and projects similar decisions in the coming session. It accounts for lawmakers setting aside $1 billion each year to deal with unexpected changes in the economy or additional needs that could crop up. No major changes are expected to that policy because lowering the states reserves substantially could make it more expensive to issue bonds to pay for construction needs. Senate Appropriations Chairman Tom Lee, R-Brandon, noted that state economists will produce two more forecasts of revenues before the Legislature sits down to write the budget next spring. He also said other events, including potential approval of a new gambling agreement with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, could ease the shortfall.

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