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Outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) called German leader Angela Merkel "courageous" I don't think it's appropriate for us to be commenting on that," Kerry said. He rejected Trump's description of Merkel's refugee policy as "catastrophic". "I think she was extremely courageous. I don't think it amounts to that characterization," Kerry said. "It has had some problems, but everybody has had some problems with this challenge of how to respond as a big nation, a great nation, as the West, where our values, our principles are important with respect to caring for people who are in distress," he added. The United States has admitted far fewer Syrian refugees than some allies, such as Germany. Trump has said violent militants could enter the country posing as refugees. The CNN interview came a day after Kerry attended a one-day conference of 70 nations in Paris on Israeli-Palestinian peace. The conference reaffirmed that only a two-state solution could resolve the conflict and warned against unilateral steps by either side that could prejudge negotiations. Trump has said resolving the conflict will be a priority of his administration and suggested that his son-in-law Jared Kushner could help broker a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians. Kerry, who tried for nine months to forge an agreement between the two sides, welcomed Trump's efforts but pushed back at a suggestion that the Obama administration was to blame for the failure to clinch a deal.

13, 2016. Win Systems provides comprehensive cloud-based systems management solutions for the gaming and lottery industries. Win Systems' distinct SaaS platform creates centralized solutions for reporting, analysis and content management, with significant growth coming from its WIGOS CMS offering. Founded in 1998, Gold Club is a global supplier of electronic gaming machines and gaming content, with significant penetration in over 50 countries worldwide. The acquisition of Gold Club furthers Win Systems' long-term strategy to create a fully integrated, omni-channel platform of systems solutions for the global casino, gaming and lottery industries. "Deloitte Corporate Finance was instrumental in navigating a complex cross-border transaction process for what we consider to be a transformational transaction for Win Systems," said Dario Zutel, executive chairman and founder, Win Advanced Systems Limited. "We really valued the tireless dedication to this project and the guidance we received along the way. With Metric Capital, we believe we have found the ideal partner to support Win Systems in realizing its growth ambitions." "Deloitte Corporate Finance provided exceptional support throughout the transaction process and brought together a diverse universe of investors," added Eric Benchimol, CEO and founder, Win Advanced Systems Limited. "They were critical in assisting Win Systems with strategic positioning to support negotiations and facilitating a comprehensive due diligence process. We could not be happier with the outcome." "Dario and Eric, along with the rest of the Win Systems team, have, with the acquisition of Gold Club, created a global market-leading gaming and lottery solutions business," said Nedim Music , senior vice president, Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.marketwatch.com/story/deloitte-corporate-finance-llc-advises-win-advanced-systems-limited-on-its-acquisition-of-gold-club-financed-by-metric-capital-partners-2017-01-18

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