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Australian Teenagers Involved in Gambling without Parental Permission

children-betting-skins Teenagers can use cryptocurrency to pay for those games without their parents’ knowledge or permission. All this makes online gambling much easier for teenagers to become involved in. In addition to the availability of gaming devices, social networks, and online opportunities for gaming in Australia, researchers have also discussed the availability of online gambling opportunities offshore. There are several online gambling companies available offshore, nearby in Oceania, and they do not ask the age of their gamers. The Consequences of Gambling for Australian Teens Social welfare agencies in Australia are concerned about the number of teens who may be gambling without their parents’ knowledge or consent, especially since the signs of problem gambling may be so slight that parents may not even notice. Signs of a gambling addiction problem may include lying about how they spend their time, borrowing money for gambling from family members or friends, constantly talking about gambling with friends or on social media, using gambling as a way to process through problems, and committing petty crimes in order to get money for gambling. One of the hardest aspects of gambling is the prevalence of video poker machines, called “pokies.” These machines are available in many places where teenagers are likely to hang out or be employed, including grocery stores, movie theaters, and shopping malls. Because of the affordability and availability of these machines, teenagers can bet small amounts of money and win small amounts in public places without anyone noticing. Social welfare advocates have suggested changes to the system of gaming in Australia that would help keep the number of teenagers gambling down to a minimum. First, the advocates believe there are too many pokie machines available for teenagers to use. Not only are there too many gambling machines available, but they are in so many places where teenagers go, it makes it difficult for teenagers to avoid them.

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